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HOLT CAT Building 2 - 381.2 kW

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HOLT CAT Solar, San Antonio, Texas


HOLT CAT Solar Layout, Buildings 1 &2



HOLT CAT needed a way to improve environmental efficiency and take control of energy costs at its San Antonio distribution campus. Deciding on a solar solution to achieve these goals, it needed a partner to help construct not only the solar system itself, but a plan to maximize return on investment as well as lifetime bill savings.


While the local utility offered a solar cash rebate that was lucrative on a dollar per watt basis, it was capped at $80,000 per meter, per year. This effectively limited system size, making it challenging to implement a solution that was both cost-effective and had a significant impact on HOLT CAT’s energy costs and sustainability goals. Known for its construction experience and ability to navigate regulatory challenges, solar EPC Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) was called upon to deliver a custom solution that fit HOLT CAT’s budget and energy requirements.




After evaluating HOLT CAT’s energy needs and the rules of the utility’s solar rebate program, PCI suggested a multiyear rollout of solar systems, with one project per meter, per year. Through this approach, HOLT CAT would be able to receive up to $80,000 for each rooftop solar project on each building, with the two buildings eventually adding three solar systems each.


HOLT CAT and PCI worked together closely to identify the most viable roof areas and collaborated on a construction schedule that had minimal impact on HOLT CAT's daily business operations. Because one of the buildings was in the design phase while installation of the solar system started on the first building, PCI consulted with architects and builders to ensure that the roof of the new building would be solar-ready upon completion.




PCI successfully brought the total solar capacity of HOLT CAT's 100,000 square foot San Antonio campus to 620 kW. By maximizing financial incentives from the local utility, HOLT CAT was able to limit their amount of annual capital expenditures to put themselves on track to achieving maximum energy offset and lifetime utility bill savings. Factoring in federal and state solar tax credits, CPS rebate, and energy savings, 75 percent of the system’s cost was paid for in year one alone.


PCI not only delivered an efficient, sustainable solar system, it helped HOLT CAT realize valuable financial opportunities to help them get the most out of their solar investment.

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HOLT CAT Building 1 - 238.8 kW, San Antonio, Texas
HOLT CAT Solar Roof Array, San Antonio, Texas
HOLT CAT Building 1 - 238.8 kW, San Antonio, Texas

HOLT CAT Building 1 - 238.8 kW

HOLT CAT Solar Roof Array