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Energy costs represent one of the greatest financial burdens to many of our commercial clients. Using on-site solar energy production is one of the most cost-effective methods of controlling energy expenses today and in the future. The Performance Contracting solar energy team helps our commercial clients analyze and implement each project to meet their minimum business case thresholds. We help clients meet their goals through utility spend and use analysis, site assessments, feasibility design, financial modeling, and engineering and procurement.

"PCG works hard to fit a solar system physically and financially to our needs.  They take the time to communicate the process of installation and are responsive afterwards when we need help. It has always been a pleasure working with the professional staff at PCG."

Michael Nufer

HoltCat Texas

PCI Solar installed a 166 kw Rooftop Solar System for Holt Caterpillar in Ft. Worth, TX.
PCI Solar installed a 312 kw Rooftop Solar System for Athena Manufacturing in Austin, TX.


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PCI Solar installed a 144 kw Rooftop and Carport Solar System for Steve Jackson Games in Austin, TX.
Steve Jackson Games, Austin, TX (144 kw carport and rooftop structures) Athena Manufacturing, Austin, TX (312 kw rooftop structures) HoltCat, Ft. Worth, TX (166 kw rooftop structures)

Single and Multi-Site Commercial Enterprise Customers