News May 23, 2017

San Antonio, TX, May 23rd 2017 – PCI is pleased to announce the completion of a 68kW photovoltaic array for Levy Company in San Antonio, Texas.

The array is located atop Levy Company’s headquarters and is designed to offset a majority of the site’s electrical consumption. The system is comprised of both flush mounted and tilt up portions, clamped onto the roof without any penetrations. The DC electricity is converted to AC via two 29kW Solectria inverters.

The Levy Company was able to take advantage of the CPS (San Antonio’s Utility) commercial solar incentive, which paid for a significant portion of the system cost. CPS’s incentive has been recently updated and strengthened by a infusion of funds. The incentive level is up to $0.70/AC Watt for systems that use locally-manufactured components. Each individual meter is capped at $80,000 and can not exceed 50% of the system cost.

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PCI Solar starts construction on Hormel Foods solar installation

April 30, 2019

PCI Solar will partner with IGS Solar on installing a solar system for Hormel Foods, which will consist of 1,998 panels constructed on both roof and ground space.


PCI Solar Completes 1.8MW Project for California City

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PCI Solar has completed construction of a 1.8MW solar array for the City of Wasco in California. The energy from the array will virtually offset some of the energy from various buildings operated by the City of Wasco.

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