The City of Wasco is located in central California outside of Bakersfield.

The Situation

Wasco owned a previous landfill site, an under-utilized brownfield development. The City wished to be part of the continuing transition of California's grid to clean energy and to do so in way which benefited the city's finances. The project required overcoming a variety of challenges such as:

  • Challenges specific to building on a former landfill site
  • Close collaboration with city staff
  • A tight construction schedule

The Solution

Siemens developed the project under California's Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer (RES-BCT) program. This program allows a local government with one or more eligible renewable generating facilities to export energy to the grid and receive generation credits to benefitting accounts of the same local government. Siemens chose PCI Solar to build the project. They cited PCI's extensive experience both in California and with local governments.

The Success

5,346 Silfab 345 watt panels and 27 ABB Trio 50 KW inverters power the 1.8 MW array built by PCI Solar. To as not to disturb the soil, PCI mounted the panels on a GameChange ballasted racking system, surrounded by a ballasted protective fence.

The arrays produced 3,134,680 kWh beginning in year one of operation. This offset energy from consumed by various buildings operated by the City of Wasco.

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